Emily Says…

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ September 28th, 2011

The search for things paranormal is a most serious endeavor. There is a lot of scientific thought, gadget know-how, grueling hours and spontaneous bursts of show tunes. It is hard not to love a group that can make you giggle even amidst the scariest of situations.

6 Responses to Emily Says…

  1. Lisa Lauderdale

    You know, I wouldn’t mind so much if it was more “Phantom of the Opera” rather than “Glee”… :)

  2. Michele Lipes

    Gotta love it when we can go all disco with the laser grid :)

  3. Kylie

    Hey now, don’t be knocking the Glee! It’s hard to giggle if there is a sudden burst of Phantom, cause seriously, I can’t giggle to Phantom of the Opera.

  4. Amanda

    I do believe I have my next challenge!

  5. Wilma

    Maybe we could do a laser light show to the Phantom of the Opera while sitting in the dark talking to ghosts! It could be a whole new career move for me. :)

  6. Emily

    Lisa…you would most certainly mind if it were me singing “Phantom…”, talk about scary!!