The Time Factor!

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ September 28th, 2011

Do people realize how much time goes into this passion we call ghost hunting?  Here’s the breakdown of an average in-town investigation!

Initial call: 5 minutes
Interview & walkthrough of location: 1 hour
Organizing details of investigation: 1.5 hours

  • Lining up team members
  • Organizing and printing necessary paperwork
  • Equipment prep (new batteries, make sure everything is functioning properly, etc)

Investigation: 5 hours
Review: 5 hours  per investigative tool (2 hand helds, 1 DVR with 4 IR cameras, 5 audio recorders, 3 still cameras) = 40 hours & 30 minutes (conservative) per still camera = 41.5 hours
Organizing evidence: 5 hours

  • Ripping audio from recorders
  • Ripping video from hand helds
  • Copying to hard drive and disc for client
  • Receiving individual personal experience reports and putting them into report for client

Reveal: 1 hour
Total: 55.08 Hours!  And this isn’t including any drive time or follow-up!  If the investigation is out-of-town, we can add another 10 hours to the total.

We try to have all this done within a week’s time.  That’s a full time job plus 15 hours overtime!  Man, if only I got paid for this!!!  The things you do for love…

4 Responses to The Time Factor!

  1. Kylie

    Ha! I so wish it could be my paying job! Lots of time definetly put in, but so worth it for that little scrap of evidence. I also really enjoy seeing the results of different research. When you break it down like that though, its like ‘woah!’

  2. Amber

    This is of course providing everything goes dang near perfect and there is (unfortunately) no activity. If we catch anything we keep looking at that piece of evidence forever. First trying to debunk it, then “LOOK WHAT WE GOT” and acting like kids at Christmas sometimes! :)

  3. Amanda

    Money spent at gas stations = 30.00
    Time driving = 1 to 4 hrs
    Stuck in awesome Euro Techno car= priceless!

  4. Emily

    It would not be nearly as time consuming to set up if Super Woman could keep from ripping apart the cables…she tore one right in two and acted like it happened all the time. So Lisa, maybe you need to lay off the weight training or take out your aggression on something besides the equipment:)