Fort Caspar “Evidence”

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ October 21st, 2011

Here are a few videos of what people caught while at the Fort Caspar Ghost Tours these last few weekends.  Check them out!

This first one is a set of photos taken by a woman on one of the tours. What do you think?

This second one is a video taken by Justis Broughton who caught an unidentified light.

The third video is a funny K-II response to the last question on a particular tour!

The fourth video is some K-II responses to an EVP session in the Commissary building.

4 Responses to Fort Caspar “Evidence”

  1. Michele Lipes

    I must say the K-2 was very active during the tours and I am so glad one of the cameras was centered on them. It proves we had something answering questions.

  2. rachel mcbride

    Very curious about the lights inside the building while standing outside. The two full on full off lights during the tour is also quite fascinating. The presence of these lights I think have an active awarness of people in ‘their’ space. Very fun to see!

  3. Caron

    I believe that Racheal ciught a similar light on a picture last year at Fort Caspar that was located in the same spot, and we could not find a source for the light. If you check her pictures, i think thst we followed the light for several min.

  4. Michele Lipes

    I am curious, where was this light located and where was the person at?