Fort Caspar Tour Activity!

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ October 12th, 2011

During the Fort Casper ghost tours on October 8, 2011 our tour team got some very interesting K-II meter hits to various questions that were asked in the barracks room and the tiny commissary building.  Both places were responding to specific questions being asked by the participants on the tours.  It was very exciting to see people get creeped out by asking questions and then seeing the little lights go off in response.  On our first tour we had a medium with us and she asked pointed questions in both buildings and there was a Mr. Russell present.  He was the commissary clerk for Fort Casper.  Also in the barracks there was a gentleman we asked questions of and his name was Jedidiah.  Are there spirits still lingering from the days of the Fort waiting for someone to contact them? Well that is a mystery for each individual to question on there own…..BOO!

-Pam Freeman (Gillette, WY)

3 Responses to Fort Caspar Tour Activity!

  1. Lisa Lauderdale

    I was a little nervous when working with Fort Caspar this year about setting up the tours again. There was an extreme lack of activity the previous two years and I didn’t want people to be disappointed if they didn’t experience anything. Boy was I wrong! All but a couple tours had some sort of activity but nothing like the last tour of the night! A huge “bang” that rattled the items on the shelves in the Sutler building along with K-II spikes and a sighting of a shadow. I’d say it was a pretty eventful night. Here’s hoping this Saturday is just as good!

  2. justis

    Yeah this is the most fun ive ever had!!! Thank you P.R.S.C for doing this

  3. Lisa Lauderdale

    You’re very welcome, Justis! It was nice to meet you and we’re working on getting your video posted!