Inward Houses

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ October 6th, 2011

‘Inward’ Houses and Buildings

I have recently been doing some research on various ‘theories’ on hauntings.  One of the ones I have stumbled upon caught my interest big time.  ‘Inward’ Houses and Buildings.  The theory behind this is that “Hauntings” happen most often in houses that ‘turn inward.’  By that they mean that the architecture of the house is such that one lives within the walls and rarely pays attention to what goes on outside.  And that’s the way most houses were built for a long part of human history – as fortresses and shelters against the outside.  There is the belief that with strong sturdy walls, few windows and doors, houses used to be built with the primary purpose of keeping things out.  Therefore, it is assumed that it would be difficult for anything to get out as well.

Houses built these days can literally be considered as “glass” houses.  People want ‘the view’ and ‘natural sunlight,’ so there is much more openness with letting the outside world in.  Windows and doors provide ways for the living to get in and out of buildings.   Why not for everything else?

This is going to be the basis of one of my new research projects.  I will look back on previous investigations as well as keep track of new ones, and study the level of activity between ‘inward’ houses and modern styles.  Of course I will have to be careful of the fact that these ‘inward’ houses will tend to have more history and lives lived and passed , but I very much think that this theory is something to pay attention to.

So next up,  what are your opinions on this?  I truly would love some feedback and thoughts about ‘inward’ houses and the possibility of them being part of the reason an entity or spirit is held in a specific location.

-Kylie Wonser – Tech Specialist

3 Responses to Inward Houses

  1. Wilma

    Does this mean that it is possible to have a wandering spirit move into a newer home or business that has no conection to the property? That could change how accurate research into a property’s past is.

  2. Emily Wynn

    Good post Miss Kylie! It made me think of the use of sage…when it is burnt the smoke is said to grab onto negative energies…and when the burning is completed many suggest opening a window so the smoke is allowed to carry that energy out of the home…so maybe there is something to this? Although, I know if I were to stick around past my expiration date I would really prefer to have windows to look out of.

  3. Pam Freeman

    Wow….what an interesting subject to further investigate! It would make sense to me that if the living can enter and exit trough windows and doors why not a spirit? I agree with Emily about the sage concept. Most people who smudge on a regular basis says to always start to “clear” a room from the left and always move to an open doorway or window…so there you have it. Great insite and keep up the good work!