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Evansville, WY

We have currently been hearing stories about a particular bridge in Evansville!  Story has it that if you are driving too fast on a particular road that the spirit of a young woman appears as you approach the bridge.  Have you had this experience?  If so, let us know!
We’re also hearing about a particular section of woods in Evansville.  [...]

Haunted Tour 10/24/09

Date: Saturday, October 24
What: Haunted Fort Caspar Tour
Time: 7 PM to 11 PM (with last tour group ending at midnight)
What: Public is invited to stop by the fort at their allotted time to take a tour of the fort and listen to the ‘ghostly stories’ of the people who have experienced phenomena at this location.  [...]

Paranormal Roadshow 10/23/09

Date: Friday, October 23
What: ‘Paranormal Roadshow’
Time: 7 PM to 9 PM
What: Public is invited to drop by Fort Caspar to show their evidence or just exchange stories.  We’ll have different tables set up in the presentation room that deal with specific areas such as photographs, evp’s and stories.  For this event the public will need to RSVP – not [...]

“Orb” Debunking Project

We are currently working on our own personal orb-debunking project.  We will be taking pictures of different items to show the public why ‘orbs’ show up in photographs and why they are not something to use when gathering evidence.

Fort Caspar Meeting

We met with the staff of Fort Caspar to come up with somes ideas for our fall presentation at the Fort Caspar Museum.  We collectively came up with some WONDERFUL ideas and will be releasing information about it soon.  One event requires the purchase of a ticket (proceeds go towards the museum!) and the other [...]

“Paranormal Roadshow”

We are finalizing the details for the Halloween season presentation at Fort Caspar!
Stay tuned for dates, times, prizes and topics!