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If you are in need of answers or are interested in having your place investigated, please contact us via e-mail (

Here’s an idea of what to expect after your initial request has been sent.

  1. Phone call by the senior investigator within 48 hours setting up a time for an interview and/or walkthrough of location
  2. Interview and/or walkthrough of location
  3. Day of investigation, group meets prior to investigation to work out logistics
  4. Investigation
    • Initial readings with normal living conditions (i.e. lights/t.v. on)
    • Document electrical/plumbing/construction problems
    • Set-up of DVR & IR cameras
    • Begin to debunk claims
    • ‘Lights out’
    • Digital audio recorders used to pick up disembodied voices/electronic voice phenomena (EVP)
    • Electromagnetic field meters (EMF meters) used to find anomalies with existing fields
    • K-II meters used to measure EMFs
    • IR thermometers to document temperature changes
    • Hand-held video cameras used to document investigation
    • Digital cameras used to capture photograph anomalies.
    • Conclude investigation
  5. Review of evidence (be advised – this usually takes about a week)
  6. Meeting with home/business owner to discuss findings