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Fort Caspar Tour Activity!

During the Fort Casper ghost tours on October 8, 2011 our tour team got some very interesting K-II meter hits to various questions that were asked in the barracks room and the tiny commissary building.  Both places were responding to specific questions being asked by the participants on the tours.  It [...]

Three Investigations

Three investigations in May…holy cow!!! One in Riverton, one in Worland and one here in Casper.

Buffalo, Wyoming

We will be investigating the Occidental Hotel in March 11.  On March 4th from 3 PM to 7 PM, we will be in Buffalo interviewing the public.  If you have a story about the Occidental, come meet us!  We would love to hear from you!

Fort Caspar Ghost Tour!!!

Take a moonlit tour of the Fort’s Sutler’s Store and barracks with the Paranormal Research Society of Casper and learn more about paranormal equipment.  Tickets are required and are available on a first come/first serve basis at the Fort Caspar Museum beginning Friday, October 1st.  Timed tour tickets are $3.00 each for ghost hunters of [...]

Ghost Hunting 101

On Saturday, October 9 at 6 PM, the Paranormal Research Society of Casper will be hosting pre-teens and teens at the Natrona County Public Library.  We will be relaying real ghost stories from employees of the library and then show you how to use items that can easily be found in most homes to hunt for [...]

Paranormal Group Convention

Holy cow!  There was definitely a bigger turn-out than what was expected.  It was wonderful to meet a few other groups from around Wyoming.  Laramie, Glenrock and Casper were all represented.  We exchanged a lot of great information and may be working towards the possibility of a Wyoming coalition of ghost hunters that would have [...]

Douglas, WY

Wow, we have some great things lined up!  We’re heading to Douglas on Monday to speak with some business owners about some “strange happenings” with a possible 4 investigations lined up.

Monday Night’s Investigation

We had some interesting activity take place at a townhouse on Monday.  I will be updating the “Investigations” page soon. 
We originally met the gentleman that owns the townhouse the Friday of our “Paranormal Roadshow.”  These are a few of the pictures he brought.  Tell us what you think!

First photo

Second photo – This was shot real [...]

Thank you!

The members of PRSC would love to thank everyone that ventured to Fort Caspar this past weekend to tell their stories and share their enthusiasm about ghosts and anything else paranormal!  We heard some amazing stories and met some incredible people.  Stay tuned for more.  We will be posting pictures and EVP sessions from Friday [...]

Evansville, WY

We have currently been hearing stories about a particular bridge in Evansville!  Story has it that if you are driving too fast on a particular road that the spirit of a young woman appears as you approach the bridge.  Have you had this experience?  If so, let us know!
We’re also hearing about a particular section of woods in Evansville.  [...]