About Us


Lisa – Founder & Senior Investigator

  • School: Casper College Graduate (Business Administration)
  • Outside Interests: I enjoy reading anything and everything, playing volleyball and learning new things, especially languages and electronics.
  • View on the Paranormal: I believe there are things out there that we can’t explain as of now but I┬ábelieve what most people mistakenly consider ‘paranormal’ can be explained by using normal investigative methods.
  • Personal Experiences: None aside from those at recent investigations.


  1. DVR system w/4 Sony IR cameras: Reviewed during & after investigation in search of any anomalies.
  2. EMF detectors: Used to find electrical fields. High EM fields have been known to cause hallucinations, flu/cold-like symptoms, headaches, etc.
  3. Digital audio recorders: Reviewed after the investigation in search of disembodied voices, EVP’s, etc.
  4. IR thermometers: To keep track of any cold/hot spots
  5. Digital cameras: To document investigation and also reviewed after investigation for any anomalies
  6. Standalone Sony Nightshot camera: Night vision camera, reviewed after investigation for any anomalies
  7. K2 Meters: Also measures EM fields but with a set of bulbs that light up when in contact with EM fields. Particularly useful when not using a flashlight.
  8. Film cameras: To document investigation and any anomalies
  9. Full-spectrum still and video camera: Allows investigators to see in a broader light spectrum
  10. Green laser grids: Allows investigators to see shadow movement more clearly and also shows dust particles that are invisible to the naked eye
  11. Weather gauge: Allows investigators to document weather, humidity, temperature, etc.

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