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Rachel’s Beginnings

I was ten years old when my family moved into an older house that was purported to have been a home for nuns. Doors opened and closed quietly, footsteps were heard many times up and down the staircase. Being already aware of shadow beings and light ups, as I called them since I was 2, [...]

Fort Caspar “Evidence”

Here are a few videos of what people caught while at the Fort Caspar Ghost Tours these last few weekends.  Check them out!
This first one is a set of photos taken by a woman on one of the tours. What do you think?

This second one is a video taken by Justis Broughton who caught [...]

Fort Caspar Tour Activity!

During the Fort Casper ghost tours on October 8, 2011 our tour team got some very interesting K-II meter hits to various questions that were asked in the barracks room and the tiny commissary building.  Both places were responding to specific questions being asked by the participants on the tours.  It [...]

Why is Pam Interested?

I have been interested in the paranormal for most of my adult life. My interest was picqued when I first learned that my mother would have very vivid “dreams” about someone close in our family (usually she would dream of muddy raging flood waters) who was about to pass to the other [...]

Inward Houses

‘Inward’ Houses and Buildings

I have recently been doing some research on various ‘theories’ on hauntings.  One of the ones I have stumbled upon caught my interest big time.  ‘Inward’ Houses and Buildings.  The theory behind this is that “Hauntings” happen most often in houses that ‘turn inward.’  By that they mean that the [...]