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Wilma’s “Hooked”

The very first time I saw Ghost  Hunters on TV I was fascinated.

I remember sitting on the edge of the chair transfixed by my television.  I was snarling at my family for walking in front of the TV and shushing them  for talking as I watched them walk around in the dark saying, [...]

Emily Says…

The search for things paranormal is a most serious endeavor. There is a lot of scientific thought, gadget know-how, grueling hours and spontaneous bursts of show tunes. It is hard not to love a group that can make you giggle even amidst the scariest of situations.

The Time Factor!

Do people realize how much time goes into this passion we call ghost hunting?  Here’s the breakdown of an average in-town investigation!

Initial call: 5 minutes
Interview & walkthrough of location: 1 hour
Organizing details of investigation: 1.5 hours

Lining up team members
Organizing and printing necessary paperwork
Equipment prep (new batteries, make sure everything is functioning properly, etc)

Investigation: 5 [...]