Wilma’s “Hooked”

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ September 30th, 2011

The very first time I saw Ghost  Hunters on TV I was fascinated.

I remember sitting on the edge of the chair transfixed by my television.  I was snarling at my family for walking in front of the TV and shushing them  for talking as I watched them walk around in the dark saying, “Did you hear that?” and  “I just felt something brush against my arm.” or “I just saw a shadow pass across that window at the end of the hall.”  When it was over I turned to my husband and said, “If I ever get a chance to ghost hunt, one way or another I’m going to do it.”  I was totally hooked.

My friend and I were looking  for something fun but not too expensive to do.  I had heard about the ghost tour at Fort Caspar and thought it sounded like fun.  I never dreamed we actually had a paranormal research group right here in Casper but I was excited because my wish was within my grasp.  Unfortunately, I did not have  the Internet available to me, so I was unable to join at that time.  However, my friend did have Internet access and she was accepted.  It was through her that I was finally able to join PRSC.

For several months my friend had to be the go between for me and Lisa.  When I was able to get my own Internet service,  I was able to participate in more investigations.  Lisa was always so nice to me and patient.  I have learned more about things my computer is capable of doing since I began ghost hunting than I knew in all the years I have been working with computers.  I kept expecting Lisa to throw up her hands in frustration and show me the door, but she would just patiently tell me how to do it until I got it right.  THANK YOU LISA!

I’ve been doing this now for a little over a year and a half, and the ride just keeps getting better.  Even though I don’t have many ghostly happenings during an investigation , I still enjoy the chase.  And I keep learning.  Each investigation teaches me a new way to look at things whether it  is in the form of debunking or how to interact with spirits, and my greatest teachers are the other investigatorsEverybody has something unique to bring to the table and I try to gobble up as much information from them as I can.  So, THANK YOU EVERYBODY for being such great teachers.

Hopefully, I will be able to continue doing this for a long time to come.  I look forward to exploring more interesting places and ideas as time goes on, and maybe, just maybe I can find that irrefutable bit of evidence that every researcher dreams about that proves once and for all that ghosts do exist!

3 Responses to Wilma’s “Hooked”

  1. Sarah

    I would have to see that the learning we get out of each other is my very favorite part – Wilma Thank You so much for bringing that to the table:)

  2. Lisa Lauderdale

    Wilma, my great debunker, we are LUCKY to have you! And look – You can add “blogging” to your repertoire of computer knowledge!

  3. Caron sponsler

    Wilma you are so fun to have on hunts one day a ghostie is going to come up and shake your hand,lol. I’m like you every time I get flustered by the equipment someone is there to help with much patience. (for example on this blog what is the third line that say’s Website??????)