Rachel’s Beginnings

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ October 26th, 2011

I was ten years old when my family moved into an older house that was purported to have been a home for nuns. Doors opened and closed quietly, footsteps were heard many times up and down the staircase. Being already aware of shadow beings and light ups, as I called them since I was 2, this house was an unfolding nightmare.

At that time in television programming there was a nightly movie channel. The introduction was a movie theater marquee lit up with the same nightly announcement, Monday Night at the Movies, Tuesday Night at the Movies… As my mother and siblings gathered in the living room for the show, I had an all too familiar experience of a spinning tired sensation drilling into my brain from about mid-forehead. There was no pain involved, just an immediate need to lay down. This was a familiar sensation and usually I would lay down into “sleep” and get information or messages. I left the living room and walked up the “Ghost Foot” stairs, straight to my room, literally falling onto my bed. I got myself situated into a prone position. I could hear the theme music start from Monday Night at the Movies and started to close my eyes. Before my eyes closed I blinked awake hyper alert. My body felt ice cold and paralyzed. There was no ceiling visible, just a gaping emptiness. That’s when a figure began to float through the emptiness where a ceiling should have been.

The sheer immensity of this black cloaked being froze me in escalating terror as it effortlessly floated down to the floor. Complete panic flooded through me as this huge being of darkness thrust its arms under my body, lifting me easily as it began an ascension into the emptiness. When I saw that I was to be carried up into a shadowy shaft I began to struggle against the hold this thing had on me. I could feel my strength draining away and then something amazing happened. From somewhere within me a perfect calm took over and the words “Where are you taking me” came out. The thing stopped instantly. Somehow I knew this was the key and I screamed “Tell Me Where You Are Taking Me!”  The faceless hooded head bent down as if looking at me and then released my body from its arms and I fell.  I fell back through the shaft. I fell back through the ceiling which reappeared almost against my nose and continued falling until I hit my bed.  When I crashed onto my bed I grabbed on to the blankets and bounced up before landing against the mattress.

I had no one I could tell or talk to about this experience.  I have replayed this encounter along with many others I have experienced and I look for answers.

I do not question whether there are paranormal dimensions, I seek to know how these dimensions work and how they overlap this human dimension.  I am grateful for the support and camaraderie offered through the Paranormal Research Society of Casper.  I am especially grateful to be able to speak my truth which may be a help for others who have unexplainable experiences.

In Truth,

Rachel McBride - PRSC investigator

2 Responses to Rachel’s Beginnings

  1. Janet Zambai

    That is really interesting. It leaves me wanting to hear more stories. I think by sharing, others will realize that the things they have experienced are reality, and they are not just imagining them. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading the next post.

  2. Clint W. Harris

    Totally awesome Rachel! Thanks for sharing your experiences and your incite. I understand how an experience like this can stay with a person their entire life and change one’s understanding of the world that surrounds them!