Why is Pam Interested?

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ October 12th, 2011

I have been interested in the paranormal for most of my adult life. My interest was picqued when I first learned that my mother would have very vivid “dreams” about someone close in our family (usually she would dream of muddy raging flood waters) who was about to pass to the other side. What was so amazing about her dreams were..within two to three days after her dream, inevitably someone would call from our family to report that someone had passed away. That is truly what got me hooked to start on a journey to see what is really out there …is there life after death?  Where do we go and who do we get to hang out with?  Is there scientific proof investigators can gather to prove the theories of life after death? I have been a part of the Paranormal Research Society for awhile now and I love the way our team investigates with not only scientific tools but also with sensitives. This gives us a two-prong approach for proof purposes. I plan on investigating until I am too old or my body gives out to obtain the proof I am searching for.

-Pam Freeman (Gillette, WY)

2 Responses to Why is Pam Interested?

  1. Wilma

    I think we are conected to the otherside, but because of the way or subconsience works, many messages that come from the other side are buried in symbolizim. Many primitive cultures believe that our dreams are direct conduits to the Gods. We should probably pay more attention to our dreams.

  2. Rachel

    It is 2 am and I just finished an email to my brother about a dream ‘telling’ me about someones death. I just can’t quite go to bed so began reading emails and clicked over to PRSC blog and read Pams’ entry.
    I also have been dream fascinated through out my life and wondered how dream books could possibly have a uniform, pat answer regarding sleep symbols, since individualization within thought process would seem to create different symbolic considerations. My past experiences with this topic of pre cognitive death dreams, doors located in a certain building structure is how I knew someone had crossed over. In my dream this morning there were three messages through electronic technology. I don’t have any confirmation regarding my dream and if it should be true information, have I adapted a new symbolic realm.
    Thanks Pam. the timing was perfect.