Tupla – Imaginary Entity?

by Lisa Lauderdale ~ September 12th, 2012

Could it be possible to create a demon or monster that could become real enough to interact with the physical world?
In Tibet, the creation of “thought form” is practiced mainly by Tibetan monks.  Thought form is the manifestation of mental energy and can interact with the physical world.  Thought forms are also called Tuplas in Tibetan Mysticism.  When one of these thought forms become dangerous, they are referred to as phantoms, and are believed to be created by people who haven’t reached a high enough mental and spiritual level of enlightenment to keep them under control.
That might all sound silly, but in 1931 a woman named Alexandria David Neel was traveling  through and studying Tibet, when she came across people who practiced the creation of thought forms.  She was intrigued by the idea and decided to try creating a thought form herself.  She spent long hours creating in her mind a friendly little monk, and after several weeks she began thinking she was catching her little monk out of the corner of her eye.  She then began seeing him in the camp, but she still believed it was her imagination, but then her little friendly monk began to transform into something else.  Its features began to twist and he became more demonic-looking.  It was at this time that other members of her party began complaining of the strange little man they had been seeing in camp who was causing problems by wrecking items and bothering people.  Alexandria had created a phantom.
It took Alexandria several weeks of intense concentration to banish her creation.
So, could it be possible for a person to unconsciously create a tupla?  I think so.
It seems that more and more people are claiming to have demons bothering them, and some of these cases involve witnesses that have seen either the entity or things being manipulated by the entity.  But I think these entities are  created by the people who are experiencing them. People whose energy is vibrating at a higher level may, under the right conditions, unconsciously be creating these entites.  They are no less real for the people that are experiencing them, but these entities are not coming from the underworld, but rather from people’s own imaginations.
-Wilma Mack

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